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Hello everyone I am AecdArmy and welcome to my little website project named Switch Exploits.

Im doing this little project to learn basic html and bootstrap and at the same time have a little hub to help everyone find Switch Exploits, Tools and Tutorials in one place instead of having to go to other sources to find stuff. Im plaining to update this site with the latest Switch stuff when i can. I might not be the fastest out there but I can dream ^_^

You can use the navbar above to navigate the website, Below you can find the Discord Server link and the latest post from News. In all I hope you enjoy the site and I am glad to have you here.

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Switch Update 3.0.1!

Posted On: 01/08/2017 | 9:05PM AEST

The Switch has now got a update for version 3.0.1 which has seemed to have patched the exploit The Reswitched Team was using and it seems they currently don't have another one which they can use reported by hedgeberg in the Reswitched Discord. There has currently been no more updates about more bugs that could be patched in the Reswitched Discord just yet. I will update this post as it comes. And as always have a nice day all! -AcedArmy

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