Web Broswer (Exploit Toolkit)

PegaSwitch (Webkit Exploit Toolkit thats only useful to devs)

Parental Controls (3.0.0)

Mkey Generator (3DS / Wii U / Switch parental controls master key generator.)

Web Browser (Streamer)

REMx (Program thats streams your PC Screen to your Switch!)

Program (Joy-Con)

Joy-Con Toolkit (Changes your Joy-Con Colour that shows up on the Switch)

Web Browser (DNS)

ProxSwitch (Tool to access any website on your Switch)

Web Browser (DNS)

DNS Redirect (ProxSwitch but without any tools needed)

Web Browser (DNS)

DNSwitch4All (More noobfriendly then ProxSwitch and with more options)


Web Browser (DNS)

Fiddler Tutorial with PlayBack Support